Re-designation of IBTO as WHO Collaborating Center for 2017-2021
IBTO in collaboration with WHO EMRO to prepare the 15-year trend of blood safety and availability in the region

In a mission organized by WHO EMRO, Prof. D. Cees Th. Smit Sibinga, the advisor of WHO EMRO had one-week visit to IBTO in order to discuss about the progress made through preparing the regional status report for blood safety and availability 2017 and analysis of 15-year regional data.

This activity builds on the collaboration between IBTO and WHO in the previous designation period. The sub-activities of this section are based on information from the Global database on Blood Safety:

  1. Analysis of 15 year regional data to identify trends in 10 selected indicators.
  2. Preparation of country profiles on blood safety and availability (22 countries, 10 selected indicators, to be revised every three years).
  3. Preparation of regional status report on blood safety and availability (2018, 2020).