Re-designation of IBTO as WHO Collaborating Center for 2017-2021
IBTO shares its experiences on centralization of blood system to Pakistan

A delegation from 10 Regional Blood Centers (RBCs) of Pakistan is taking a 10-day observation study on the whole blood transfusion process in Iran. The team includes 15 laboratory technologists as directors of 4 regional blood service and technicians from RBCs.

IBTO as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Research & Training on Blood Safety received the request for this training from the Project Director & National Coordinator of Safe Blood Transfusion Programme (SBTP) in Pakistan in December 2018.

The SBTP is a national blood safety reform organization functioning under the Ministry of National Health Services. The project aims at centralizing the production of blood components in new purpose built facilities and converting the existing Hospital Blood Banks (HBBs) to storage and dispensing facilities. The Phase I of the project was successfully completed in 2016 in which a network of 10 RBCs was established. The Phase II is now underway and will further expand the coverage and scope of the project.

Iran has a long history in centralization of blood transfusion system and the SBTP has requested IBTO to provide its selected technical staff   with an observational short-term course to get familiar with transfusion service delivery systems in Iran.

The participants will spend 7 days of the whole training days in Tehran Blood Transfusion Center, 2 days in IBTO headquarters and one day in a hospital blood bank.